designer | photographer | professor | creative director

1983, Argentinian/Italian; currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Interdisciplinary designer, with a background in fashion, conceptual design, art direction and photography.
Part-time lecturer professor at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), in design and photography.

She graduated from UADE with a BA in Fashion Design. After working in fashion for several years she developed a strong interest in photography and art direction, specially from the aesthetical construction of the photographic image. 
She has been director of Monstruo Studio for almost ten years, while designing and developing her own accessory brand called Sinestesia.
After doing a Specialization in Conceptual Design (UNTREF), she decided to become more involved with her inner interests, it was time to explore the limits between design and art.

Paula, creates objects for humans, expanding the possibilities of the conventional way of living.
In her work, she pushes the borders between art and design, with a focus on objects, exploring the boundaries of functional art.
She approaches her practice by questioning and moving from the stablished regulated design practice, in order to explore the un/known, working outside traditional disciplinary boundaries.
Playing and dialoguing with existing objects and materials, allows her to assign new functions to those objects.
Usually, the concept is the starting point of the investigation. From the making process of it's experimental translation into forms and narratives, new ideas will emerge.
She accepts (and explores) the potencial of fiction as a design tool able to create and combine new realities hidden inside the collective unconciousness; aiming to develop a new paradigm, and new opportunities. Moving from a known regulated future, allows her to look beyond expectations at the same time that including true possibilities in design.

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